Project Information

Suntop Solar Farm

Suntop Solar Farm is located near Wellington, south of Dubbo in regional New South Wales. The site will accommodate a large-scale solar PV system utilising single-axis tracking, and ground mounted panels which will generate 395GWh of energy throughout the year. Single-axis tracking has been selected for this project to harness the highest amount of solar irradiance as the panels will track the sun’s movement east to west each day.

Technical Summary

System peak dc capacity:189MWdc
Annual energy yield:395GWh (enough to meet the energy needs of over 65,000 homes)
Solar panels:Canadian Solar CS3W-MB-AG BiHiku 430/435/40MW panels
Type:Single Axis Tracker Solar Array
The site was selected following an extensive assessment of its access to grid; suitability of terrain, land use, site access, environmental constraints, state and local planning policies and solar resource.
suntop solar farm

Suntop Solar Farm will create economic benefits to the local region through employment opportunities and promote regional development due to the use of local businesses. The Project began construction in Q4 of 2020, with early generation of the Project targeted for Q3 2021.

Suntop Solar Farm will use Tier-1 Canadian Solar CS3W-MB-AG BiHiKu 430/435/440MW panels, tailored for projects of this calibre. Our standards and systems ensure that we always work with highly experienced and reliable partners to provide the complete engineering, procurement and construction packages.

canadian solar tier 1 panels

About Canadian Solar

Founded in 2001 in Canada, Canadian Solar is one of the world’s largest and foremost solar power companies and has been publicly listed on NASDAQ since 2006.
Canadian Solar (Australia) Pty Ltd was incorporated in 2011 in Sydney as part of the global footprint of Canadian Solar. Our local team has an excellent understanding of the requirements and challenges of successful deployment and has a proven track record delivering large commercial solar installations. We always strive to ensure we achieve the highest quality and most effective outcome for our clients.

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