Key works started this quarter on the Suntop Solar Farm site, with the commencement of the Early Works campaign. This included geotechnical analysis, upgrades to Renshaw-McGirr Way and the completion of two site access points via Suntop Road. Additionally, construction of the substation access road and bench began, along with the procurement of long-lead equipment such as inverters.

Engineering design advanced with the completion of the 30% design package. The 30% design package outlines crucial project design elements, scope, schedules and includes the civil design to support the Early Works campaign. Overall design works are progressing with the aim to issue the 50% design package in Q4 2020.

The final day of the quarter saw a major milestone met with the issuing of full Notice to Proceed to be October 2nd and the Commencement Date on September 30th. This will lead to the commencement of full construction in late October.